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Revolutionary technology for ammunition tracking and inventory management,
at the individual round.

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Our Vision is
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The Truth Is

Untraceable ammunition is a major threat to global security & safety

Billions of taxpayers’ dollars are wasted annually destroying unmarked bullets

Industry experts unanimously agree: Traceable ammunition is the solution

Bullet ID revolutionizes processes for manufacturers,

law enforcement and military forces 



Solve a crucial challenge facing the world’s ammunition management systems: transparency, accountability and control.

The Bullet ID system is instantly accessible to authorized law enforcement, military and government personnel, and features intelligent traceability, customizable detail and rich data analytics.

Our all-encompassing solution – grounded in specialized expertise and research, and innovative laser-etching and blockchain technology – will deliver unparalleled levels of public safety for communities worldwide.


With bullet serialization,
the following crucial information
would be brought to light:

Number of daily victims of stray bullets

Amount of illicitly manufactured ammunition 

Amount of ammunition scrapped globally

Size of ammunition stockpiles

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Bullet ID is actively partnering with law enforcement and military, governments, manufacturers and technology companies to transform the world for the better.